We contacted Henry Thompson after we ran into difficulties with a Florida-based lender. We were already under contract and had concerns about closing on time with an abbreviated timeframe. Our situation was made more stressful for us by adverse market conditions in Florida that limited the number of banks offering jumbo mortgages that met our requirements. (We talked to a lot of lenders before we found Henry.) Although he wasn't local, during our first conversation, it was clear that Henry knew exactly the products that were available to us and had extensive experience in our market. He was a very straight shooter and very knowledgeable. The rates offered by US Bank were extremely competitive, and Henry provided excellent counsel when the time came for us to select the right product for us. The process leading up to the loan commitment was very straightforward. Henry was very responsive to questions and easy to reach on the phone. He was very attentive to the progress of our loan. We closed without a hiccup…but, had there been any issues, I believe that we would have been notified early and been able to address them in a timely manner. Henry's professionalism took all the stress out of the mortgage process for us. We strongly endorse Henry Thompson. We believe that he was able to provide us with a level of service and a quality of product that other lenders could not.

By Branchforbes, Tampa Palms, Tampa, FL On 08 /15

Henry was incredible to work with. We had a very challenging loan to get approved due to the uniqueness of our property. However, Henry made it happen with the best customer service I have ever experienced in any industry. Great rates, great customer service and fair costs, I highly recommend Henry Thompson.

By Phazor25 , Miami, FL On 04 /12



I was genuinely impressed with Henry and how he handled my jumbo loan refinance. Despite excellent credit and income over the course of the refinance, we had to address a "low-ball" appraisal, a "lien" that had been placed by a sub-contractor, and a title company that was over-charging. Henry worked tirelessly to assist in the remedy these situations - even though they were not his problem. He earned my respect, and my referral to literally every neighbor that mentions they are considering refinancing. As an attorney, I am very demanding of professionals in other occupations - I expect them to know what they are doing. Henry is such a person - he knows finance forwards and backwards. Most of all however, he is ethical; he helped me understand how and where my particular title company was overcharging me - assisting me with saving me a significant amount of money. I have since moved several accounts to US Bank having been so pleased with the service provided by Henry. Plain and simple, Henry is a "good guy." Thanks for all of your assistance Henry. Jason

By Jason Irvine, CA on 01/14


Henry worked very hard to close my jumbo loan. He is very professional and extremely pleasant to deal with. I highly recommend him and his team. .

By Farid S,CA On 10/02



Henry worked hard to minimize our cost to refinance by using one appraisal from our previous re-fi as well as our previous title company. I appreciate his honesty and willingness to work hard, to help us make the right choice on rates with no points versus at lower rates with a point. Great job Henry and glad to have worked with you.

By Cuddl Boulder, CO On 09/21



Up until recently, jumbo re-fi rates were not declining or as advantageous as their conforming counterparts. When they did start to drop, I found Henry. He had the very best rates I could find online or locally and he was with US Bank which provided added assurance. Even with the best rate, I was a little hesitant to do such a large transaction by phone and email. Henry assured me, he would be there to handle any questions or issues that I may have during the process. Henry definitely delivered on all fronts! He always responded to all my questions and inquiries, even if after hours or on weekends. If there was any issue (no fault of Henrys), he would jump right in and get it resolved within hours. I am happy to say that thanks to Henry, my re-fi is officially closed and I will be saving a very nice sum every month from here on out. Deal with Henry with complete confidence!

By Ochome,Anaheim, CA On 09/03



We successfully bought our first house, largely thanks to Henry. Our experience with him was consistently good throughout the entire process. When we chose him, he made a commitment to me that, he would deliver funding on time given our timeline, and he delivered. He was accessible pretty much whenever I tried contacting him, even outside of normal working hours. All questions were thoroughly answered, and all options were explored. Henry truly "gets it", in terms of understanding what a big deal buying a house is for his customers, and he makes every effort to not let them down. If there was anything that could have gone better: In the end of the process was a little tighter than I would have preferred, given the underwriter's hours and additional requests for documentation for employment verification and transaction records that hadn't been anticipated beforehand. In the end, it worked out though and everyone delivered. I continue to highly recommend Henry to my friends, co-workers, and family, and will continue to do so in the future.

By Josh987, Menlo Park, CA On 08/31



I cannot say enough about Henry Thompson and his group. I was looking for a Jumbo loan 30 year with some points. Henry's rates were the best that anyone was offering. But, that is not the best part. I was already approved with another lender and there were 20 days to closing when I contacted Henry. Honestly, I did not buy into it when he said that, we shall close on time and get this approved. Not only that I ended up getting the best rate, but also, the customer service was phenomenal -- great communication and excellent resolution to any / all issues. I did close on time and while I never believed Henry when he said "Do not worry, we will close on time", he made me a believer!!!! After such a smooth transaction, all I can say is, Thank you Henry! Me and my family greatly appreciate what you did!!! It was a pleasure dealing and closing this transaction with US bank because of you.

By Tariq , TX, United States On 08/03


Henry was the best lender my husband and I could have hoped for and I would highly recommend him for having outstanding customer service. He offered us the best rates ever and came through with us where no one else could. He was always very responsive to our calls and emails, and he worked tirelessly on our loan. With his assistance, we were able to close our jumbo loan within 25 days! Henry is honest and forthright and you can't go wrong with him.

By Abhawkmoon, Montara, CA On 06/28


Excellent service, very reliable and I could not ask for a better lender to work with. He will ALWAYS answer my calls and reply to my E-mails. I've worked with other lenders who just want to give you a "tease" rate and then they disappear during the process. But, Mr. Thompson went above and beyond to make sure that the GFE was correct and even on the day of closing, he called me to make sure that everything had been taken care of. I completely recommend him with no hesitation. I'm extremely busy working as a physician, but he made all this process as easy and pleasant as possible. Thank you.

By Miami Extreme, Fort Lauderdale, FL On 04/07


Very dependable and trustworthy lender -- instantly felt comfortable after a few minutes speaking with him on the phone. Came through and made sure I had what I needed at every turn. Closed less than four weeks after initial contact.

By loomer.org, Minneapolis, MN On 0 1/01


Henry Thompson provided quick service, lowest rates and followed through to closing with any questions. Very good experience in dealing with him. Highly recommend you consider him.

By johnbergstrom, Saint Paul, MN On 05 /16


Henry is very responsive with communication and explanations. Takes time to answer questions. Flexible to meet customer needs.

By luv2h2oski, Chanhassen, MN On 01 /28


Henry was very responsive and helpful. Process went very smoothly and any issues were thoroughly explained and resolved.

By D annog, Saint Paul, MN On 02 /11


I have worked with Henry twice- last Summer when I purchased my home and last month when I refinanced. Henry was awesome to work with: attentive, available, informative and great communicator. He is an honest, straightforward guy who cares about his customer and looks to help them..

By luv2h2oski, Chanhassen, MN On 01 /28


Henry is the best one around. He helped my family with two small children get into a home when no one else would help us. He sat on the phone and explained everything to me so I could understand the loans plus spent alot of time doing everything to meet our needs. Henry is excellent at what he does and I won't go to anyone else.

By Adenlogan31, Itasca, Superior, WI On 05 /15